Many people favour the option of contact lenses as a non-restrictive and more comfortable alternative. We can fit most types of lenses for full time or part time use.

New patients have a free fitting and trial period before we decide on the best option. Patients also receive tuition on lens handling before they take some home for their trial period.

Follow-up checks are then made at three and six-month intervals.

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Advice for contact lens wearers includes:

  • When handling your contact lenses, make sure your hands are clean and dry
  • Wear the contact lenses that have been prescribed for you and don’t look for others without the advice and guidance of your optometrist
  • Clean your contact lenses with dedicated products, never in your mouth or with plain water as these contain micro organisms that can cause infection
  • If your eyes feel irritated and sore, stop using the contact lenses and visit your optometrist as soon as possible
  • Never wear somebody else’s contact lenses, even if they haven’t been worn
  • Put your contact lenses in before you apply any make-up to avoid any contamination